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East Coast Eden

 Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting out, this blog is here to inspire and guide you on your gardening journey. From tips and tricks for maintaining a beautiful garden to advice on starting your own indoor or outdoor garden, we cover it all. Get ready to explore the wonderful world of gardening and discover what excites you. Let's grow together!

Meet the Gardener!

Hello All! 


A little about me: I am passionate about learning and sharing my knowledge with others.  I have lived on the east coast of the United States all my life and I enjoy the variety of weather, geography and people. I began my garden journey a few years ago, starting with a few potted herbs then slowly adding more flowers and vegetables as I got more comfortable and confident.


I believe that everyone can enjoy the benefits of growing their own garden, no matter where they live or how much space they have. As I go through this journey, I will share my success, failures, the tips and secrets I learn along the way.

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